A vehicle is a means of transport. They are usually manufactured. There are several types of vehicles in "Mirror's Edge", like bicycles, cars, vans, trains, ships and helicopters. None can be used by Faith Connors directly but they often take her to other places, like the trains she rides on top of in "Ropeburn" and Pirandello Kruger and the van she stows away in at the beginning of "The Boat", that takes her onto the ship the majority of the level is set on. Game-wise, in these instances, they function similarly to Elevator, loading another part of the level discretely while giving the player a place to take a break from the action and even giving them a couple of things to look at on the way.


Cars and vans are shown frequently in the game, either close up in Chapters on the ground, or from a long distance from the roof of a building. Faith Connors can occasionally use a vehicle as a platform for her Parkour, like climbing on to jump over a barbed-wire fence or to jump onto a higher platform.

Interestingly, civilian vehicles are devoid of normal license plates, and feature a large barcode instead of a letter and number combination. Police cars (aka. CPF Vehicles) feature no form of identification visible, and instead have a plate with their logo and their full name, City Protection Force.


Helicopters are one of the few Vehicles in "Mirror's Edge". They conquer the skies of the City of Glass and stalk the rooftops and other locations for news reports and crime fighting.

Anti-crime helicopters are nicknamed "Birds" by Mercury when guiding Faith Connors away from it to safety.

The City Eye has several news helicopters, one is seen in "Kate" when Faith snipes the City Protection Force convoy.


  • "Stay where you are! You are in direct violation of city laws!"
  • "Do not run! Repeat, do NOT run!
  • "Stay where you are! You will NOT be warned again!"
  • "Cease and wait for our officers to assist you!"
  • "Halt! You are in direct violation of city laws!"
  • "You have been warned! Commence fire!"
  • "Cease and desist, or we will open fire!"
  • "Firing!"
  • "Good to go!"


  • The City Eye news helicopter is seen in a few Chapters in-game. Looking a lot like a standard news chopper, this helicopter has the City Eye logo on both sides and is painted a sleek white and blue stripes.
  • The Pirandello Kruger choppers are far more dangerous. While more bulkier and painted a fearsome black, they carry a pair of heavy armored guards welding FN Minimis to take down serious threats. These helicopers closely resemble UH-60 Blackhawks commonly used by the United States military and the SWAT team.


  • The helicopters' role and appearance in Mirror's Edge was inspired by the popular urban legend about the untraceable, silent black helicopters that represent a "New World Order".
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