Upgrades are new features in Mirrors Edge Catalyst. There are a total of 50 upgrades divided into 3 sections; movement, combat and gear.


movement has upgrades that help the player with movement around the world, it contains 19 upgrades.

Ability Description Unlock conditions
Focus Shield Speed, freerunning, and (ps4 square button) light traversal attacks build focus shield. With focus shield Faith is impossible to hit; bullets can't find a target and physical attacks slide right off. When completely focused the world slips by in a blur of speed. Unknown
Free Running 1 (ps4 L1 button) Smoothly jump, vault and climb objects with exceptional fluidity and speed. Contextual to momentum and the environment. Unknown
Free Running 2 (ps4 L2 button) Slide, crawl under, or slide down obstacles and through small openings. Unknown
Climbing (hold ps4 button L2) to descend quickly. (hold ps4 L2 button) to slide into a ladder or pipe from above. Climb on facades, bars, pipes and ladders. Unknown
Swing (press ps4 L button in desired direction) To swing, jump or drop off. Swing on, off and around pipes, bars or horizontal wires. unknown
Soft Landing (hold ps4 button L2) White falling. reading her body before hitting the ground lets Faith soften the impact and avoid losing focus shield or all her momentum. Unknown
Springboard (hold ps4 button L1) while running into an obstacle. Jump further and higher off of obstacles. Slight speed penalty when landing. Alt: (ps4 L2 button) to start a vault then (ps4 L1 button) to springboard put of the vault. Unknown
Shift (move ps4 L stick in a desired directing while pressing R2 button) A short burst of acceleration in any direction. Focus shield gain from speed starts immediately after a forward shift. Unknown
Combat Shift White engaged with an opponent. (move ps4 L stick left or right white pressing R2 button) A quick strafe around the opponent. Used to dodge attacks and gain positional advantage. Unknown
Wallrun (press Ps4 L1 button while running into a wall) Direct - vertical wallrun. Angled - horizontal wallrun. Jump or drop off. Unknown
Skill Roll (hold ps4 L2 button) Close to the point of impact. (hold ps4 L2 button) During side to quickly roll out of it. Roll out of a soft landing or slide to retain high momentum and gain focus shield. Unknown
Balance & Free Hang (move ps4 L stick left or right) To balance. (press ps4 L2 button) To free hang. Free hang: (ps4 button L1 button) To climb into a balance). (Ps4 button L2) To drop. Hang and climb on pipes and wires. Zipline on declining wires. Unknown
Quickturn (ps4 button R1) = 18 - degree turn. (ps4 L1 button) wallrun + (ps4 R1 button) = 90 degree turn. (ps4 l1 button) Vertical wallrun + (ps4 R1 button) = 180 degree turn. A quick directional change that can be added to any move. Unknown
Coil (ps4 buttons L1 and L2) raise your legs while in the air. Fastest way to clear small obstacles and build focus. Unknown
Focus Shield Reaching full focus gives a temporary 25% focus shield bonus. bonus remains until focus shield meter is empty. Unknown
Focus Shield ++ Increases Focus shield bonus to 50%. Bonus remains until focus shield meter is empty. Unknown
Extended Slide + Slide distance. Reduces deceleration in a slide increases the distance before Faith transitions to a crawl. Unknown
Climb Efficiency Climb pipes and ladders faster. Unknown


Combat helps plays fight or avoid fighting enemies, it contains 20 upgrades.


Contains technologies that aide the player. It contains 11 upgrades.

Ability Description Unlock Condition
Gridleak Mapping Adds gridleak locations to the map. Mod: Gleak v 0.9 Unknown
Disrupt (hold ps4 circle button) Stun Kruger Sec for a short time by disrupting their communication systems. Kinetically charge through movement. Utilizes faith's beatlink and the magrope's power source to execute a military grade communications hack. Unknown
Disrupt 1 Increase disruption range. Decrease charge requirement. Earn charges faster and disrupt targets from a greater distance. Unknown
Disrupt Ai Unknown Unknown
Power Storage 1 + max disruptor charge. Destroy currently disrupted ai systems. (hold ps4 button circle) To disrupt. Alt (hold ps4 button circle) To destroy disrupted ai. Unknown
Magrope (Ps4 L1 button) To attach jump or drop off.and move (ps4 L stick) in desired direction. Unknown
Magrope Upgrade 1 attach the manifold attachment gear to suspend security cameras to swing across large spaces. Unknown
Magrope Upgrade 2 (ps4 button x) In the activation area to pull object. The grappling top can grab objects allowing Faith to pull them from a distance. Unknown
K-sec Surveillance tap Beatmod that can display Kurger Sec pursuit data during states of alert. Mod: coldsurv v 0.7 unknown
Beat Map (open map with ps4 touchpad) A map of Glass City containing all the important location, activities, and information a runner needs. Mod: Beatmap v 3.15 Unknown
Beat Link Allows Faith to see, and communicate on the beat. Can wirelessly auto-hack mid/low level connected systems. Unknown
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