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Sabaeus remains a nation apart, and though it neighbors both OmniStat and Cascadia few knows what goes on beyond its hermetically sealed borders. No refugees have come out of Sabaeus in the last thirty years, and out of the many agents sent there by Cascadia only one has returned, a full convert to the Sabaeus religion and thus useless.

The Conglomerate therefore has a hard time deciding whether Sabaeus is a threat or not. At the same time there is almost no awareness of how much Sabaeus knows of Cascadia, and the few Sabean missionaries that are discovered in Cascadia are all rounded up and dealt with before they're able to create many converts. Only once did Conglomerate vigilance fail miserably, when an entire foodDomes close to Neridia Nova suddenly shut down, as the loCaste working there left en masse and went across the border to Sabaeus. None of them were ever heard from again, and Neridia Nova suffered a period of famine before food production could be restored.

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