An example of how Runner Vision offers a route.


Runner Vision is a Runner's instinctual ability to recognise potential pathways and escape routes which may not normally occur to other people.

In Mirror's Edge, Runner Vision manifests itself as objects highlighting red as Faith Connors approaches them. While this may give the player the most accessible route to take, it may not necessarily be the fastest one. The player is not forced to take the suggested course, and is still free to take whatever path they deem appropriate. However, as the game progresses, the assistance provided by 'Runner's Vision' diminishes, giving the player fewer and fewer suggested routes as they progress through the game. Runner's Vision can be turned off altogether, if the player does not wish the assistance.

Mirrors Edge CatalystEdit

Runners vision take on a new form called full runners vision, which not only highlights climbing objects in red, but also shows the path through a red line suspended in air. The game states several times in loading screen tips, that all versons runners vision may show you one way but it's not always the fastest way, thus encouraging players to explore different ways. In the settting menu plays can still use the runners vision that only highlights running objects, which is called "classic" or even disable all runners vision if they choose to do so. Players can use the main map to add a waypoint to a certian spot, and the runners vision will add a gps like route to it that can be seen directly on the map and in the game. Its highly suggested that newer players use runners vision so that they always have a safe and decently fast way to get around the city. So that they avoid falling, and or getting misdirected by the climbing direction. Atleast until they master the city routes


In the start of the game MEC the runners vision is silently hinted at its workings. When Faith is released from a prison Icarus gives her a contact that she puts on, it gives her a bud showing her what other people see including news,maps, and even audio ads. After disabling it from the city system, it shows precentage tracking about her. Thus runners vision is simply a hud computer program, although cutscenes don't show her wearing any technology on her face. By the way Faith puts it on it can be assumed that it works with some sort of data contact lenses.


  • In Hard Mode, Runner's Vision cannot be turned on to challenge players.
  • Midway through the game, when Faith goes into an Elevator, runner vision is mentioned in an advert. The article is of "Ways To Spot A Runner" and one of the things listed on it is "A fondness of the color red". 
  • In Mirrors Edge Catalyst the player may switch between full Runner's Vision, the classic version featured in the first game, or no Runner's Vision. 

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