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The RP&A Building (Robert Pope and Associates) is the high-rise in the chapter "Flight", in which Faith Connors finds her sister, Kate Connors, in an office, next to the dead body of mayoral candidate Robert Pope. Faith accuses Kate of murdering Pope, but she denies it, and when Faith tries to persuade her to run away together, Kate turns it down, saying it will just make her look guilty.

After Pirandello Kruger security forces report to the building, Faith grabs evidence of the murder and is forced to evade from the scene, not knowing that Kate would later be found falsely convicted for the assassination of Pope. As Faith is chased by the security forces, she travels through ventilation shafts to get to room to room. After finding a way out, Faith slides down a slanted facade of the building, thus having no other choice than to jump onto another building.

This will be the only time the RP&A Building will be able to be entered and used in gameplay, unless the player uses a glitch. The building also has original architecture, which can't be found anywhere else in the City's metropolis.

The Robert Pope & Associates, or the RP&A building is a location in Mirror's Edge. It was businessman Robert Pope's workplace, and the setting for the first Chapter, Flight, though it is first seen on The Edge.

It is a huge building, all covered with mirrored windows, like London's skyscrapers. Faith Connors goes to the offices to see her sister Kate Connors after intercepting Blue communication in West Arlington. Upon arriving, she discovers Kate near Pope's body. Strongly believing she was set up, she snags a piece of paper from Pope's desk and dashes away after Blues arrive, through the Accounting Offices; On her run, she notices some of the elevators are under CPF control, though with the Pirandello Kruger emblem in it.

Later, on The Boat, Faith discovers that it was in fact Celeste Wilson who had killed Pope and Travis Burfield.