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"Securing your world."
― Pirandello Kruger's motto


Pirandello Kruger (stylized as PIRANDELLO/KRUGER) also known as PK, is a private security and military corporation based in The City.

Not necessarily a law enforcement agency, they have provided more powerful personnel at times when the City Protection Force cannot use their own forces or the situational risk may be too high for normal officers.


The city’s primary law enforcement, the City Protection Force, had come under threat of being taken over by the Pirandello Kruger security force for being the primary policing force in the city. Pirandello Kruger was also involved in creating the Pursuit cops to combat the Runner network. Known as Project Icarus, the program was supported by the likes of Travis Burfield of Burfield Shipping and Mayor Callaghan, who also ran Callaghan City Construction, however the program also met resistance from people such as Mayoral candidate, Robert Pope of Robert Pope & Associates. This led to Pope’s assassination and the frame-up of CPF Officer Kate Connors, who’s vindication would assist in PK’s take-over of the CPF. The incident indeed forced the CPF to work alongside Pirandello Kruger forces in an attempt to catch fugitives such as Kate’s sister, Faith Connors, who had discovered both the assassination plot and Project Icarus. However, CPF Lieutenant Miller betrayed Pirandello Kruger, instead supporting Faith in rescuing Kate from PK's custody.




Security officer[]

  • Armed with an M1911.
  • In Chapter 6, one of the security officers is wielding a Glock 18.
  • The fastest unit to disable/kill in the game

Armored security officer[]

  • Armed with a Remington M870 shotgun, or with a Steyr TMP.
  • Sometimes armed with Riot shields to assist SWAT units.

Special Weapons and Tactics[]

  • Armed with an FN SCAR-L, G36C, MP5K-PDW, or a Neostead 2000.
  • Perhaps one of the most common enemies in the game.

Heavy Support[]

  • Armed with an FN Minimi.
  • The slowest unit to disable/kill in the game.
  • Usually are inside a helicopter sharp shooting Faith.
  • The armor around the groin of the of the support unit protects the crotch of the wearer, making them unaffected by Faith's slide kicks.


  • Armed with an M95 sniper.

Pursuit cop[]

  • Armed with an M26 Taser.
  • Will engage in close quarter combat and if the player is out of reach, will use the taser.
  • The pursuit cops are barely affected by Faith's kick in the crotch despite not having any armor around said area.

Easter Eggs[]

  • There are a few easter eggs present in the Pirandello Kruger level of the game (chapter 6).
  • There are phones present in the factory with messages you can listen to. These concern an appointment with an exterminator regarding huge rats as a reference to the easter egg later in the game.
  • There are A4 pages you can read littered around the factory regarding experimentation on rats.
  • The windows have black november members held in captivity.


  • EA games temporarily hosted ME Marketing for Pirandello Kruger that featured image files that, when viewed through a text program, revealed secret messages from Faith.
  • PK units are referred to as, "blues" despite not wearing any blue. This may be leftovers from the early stages of development where Faith was to fight the CPF. Another reason may be that they are used for law enforcement.
  • The website's source code also features the message: "They’ve found us. Stay off the wires, [sic] Exif only." EXIF is a standard for data tags attached to digital photographs, that signify dozens of parameters about the circumstances of the shot, from shutter speed and lens model to geolocation and author's copyright info; it's spacious enough to house a lot of messages. The frequency "88.7" can also be found written within the image's source.
  • "PK" is an online game-generated acronym meaning "Player Killer", which are players that kill other players' characters. Given Pirandello Kruger forces are occasionally referred to as "PKs", this reference may be intentional.
  • "PK" are the initials of peacekeeper, the reference is ironic since their role does not involve keeping the peace.
  • "PK" is another name for Parkour.
  • In the "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" teaser trailer, "ERT-2 KrugerSec" can be seen on the left arms of enemies.
  • In the "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" teaser trailer, "Pirandello" can be seen along the black bar on the "BLU" advertisement.
  • Pirandello Kruger security uses CPF's land vehicles.
  • When the PK enemies are beaten up using parkour, their eyes can be seen moving subtly.
  • You can only fight PK units in the game.

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