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The Conglomerate has been hard at work eradicating all traces of OmniStat in the major cities, and in Glass especially. It is a generally held belief that the November Riots were inspired by OmniStat ideals (another lie seeded by the Conglomerate) and so the midCaste employs clamored for the removal of anything reminding them of those bygone years.

But what few people know is that below Glass lies the remnants of a vast tunnel complex, once part of a gigantic OmniStat desalination plant, and while CC Corps has been busy reshaping the city above, little has been done about what lies beneath. Nobody knows the full extent of this subterranean network. All entrances are off limits to regular employs, and even KrugerSec personnel tend to stay away. Instead these cavernous tunnels have become a refuge for all sorts of outCaste, and Black November has also set up base somewhere deep inside.

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