Nomad doesn't know when he was born, nor does he care. He has concocted a story for himself that his dad left before he was born and that his mother, of whom he has no recollection, took care of him alone during his toddler years but was then killed in the November Riots. He has vague memories of other adults, of running away and being brought back, but whether by the authorities or someone else he can't recall. All he knows that by the time he saw other kids going to school he was already living on the streets, hustling his way among the outCaste of Glass.

An avid graffiti artist, Nomad's profound hatred of the Conglomerate form a common theme for his works. In addition to his painting he has also found a way to hack into and subvert the giant advertisement projections to show the true nature of the Conglomerate - but for these endeavours he usually needs Faith's help.

He met her for the first time almost ten years ago, and though he would never admit it openly he has more or less adopted her to be the big sister he never had. True to his name he has never settled and is always a little restless. With his roaming nature taking him to both the high and the low places of Glass he knows much about where to go and who to talk to, and though he's not a runner himself he fits well into their extended community.


  • "There she is. In the flesh!" -- Nomad referring to Faith's appearance.


  • Nomad is shown getting beaten up by one of the sentinels in the E3 2015 trailer. However in the final release the scene was cut due to unknown reason.


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