Noah is the leader of a runner cabal, and Faith Connors's adopted father. He was a friend of Martin and Erika Connors, and the one who saved Faith and took her in following the November riots. Raising Faith on rooftops far above the city, he unintentionally inspired her to become a runner.

According to Dogen, he has a reputation for being staunch and dependable. This nature clashes with Faith's reckless and cocky attitude, which he considers signs of her immaturity. Their opposing viewpoints cause conflict early on in Faith's running career.

An early walker and late talker Noah ran everywhere all the time. As soon as his growing body would allow he began climbing as well, to the great distress of his parents who gave up trying to reign him in. His father was killed in the Triumvirate War and his mother went into a prolonged depression, which resulted in Noah being shuffled around among friends and relatives for many years. Some were willing to take him while others were downright abusive. This fostered a nomadic nature and a deep distrust of authorities in the young Noah and the distrust soon grew to encompass all of society. He spotted the corporate encroachment early and eventually found others who shared his sentiments. Among them were Martin and Erika Connors and the three of them forged a deep and lasting friendship.

And then came the November Riots where Noah lost his closest friends and suddenly found himself with a child to raise. Disillusioned with the struggle and the general populace he took to the rooftops where he established an informal burglary and messaging service often employed by the Corporate Houses in their constant infighting. Blaming the ongoing conflict between Black November and the Conglomerate for the deaths of his closest friends Noah has vowed never to take sides again, and he has done his best to transfer that same neutrality onto Faith.



Noah took Faith in after her parents died in the November riots. He eventually trained her to become a runner, but remains hesitant to send her on dangerous missions. This led Faith to rebel against him, and to take jobs from Dogen.

After learning that Faith continued to work for Dogen against his permission, he kicked Faith out of their clubhouse, telling her that if she was working for Dogen, then he didn't want her there.

After Faith had been subdued by Krugersec guards, Noah went to Dogen and demanded he fix the problem, only to have Dogen tell him he did by reducing her sentence to one year in juvie. Before Noah left, he offered to buy Faith's mothers painting, realizing it was the reason Faith was working for Dogen. Dogen refused his offer, and Noah stormed out.


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