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New Eden Mall yard

The New Eden Mall is one of the locations that could be accessed in Mirror's Edge.

Location and Appearance[]

This mall was first mentioned by Travis Burfield at the time he encountered Faith Connors. The New Eden Mall is a large shopping center. It features four levels filled with shops, stairs, escalators, and elevators. When Faith arrived, it was closed and undergoing the final stages of construction. Machinery like elevators and fan control were already operational. The mall is located in the New Eden community. There are also apartments called New Eden Apartments.


  • An advertisement in the chapter The Edge implies that the New Eden Mall will be open to the public soon. It says "Grand opening", and beneath it the Russian translation: "Торжественное открытие!". This combined with the phrase "This is paradise!". See picture below.

New Eden Mall Station[]

Red Line[]

This Is New Eden Mall Station Change For The Yellow Line Service. This Is The Red Line To Shard

Yellow Line[]

This Is The New Eden Change Here For The Red Line. Exit For New Eden Mall And New Eden Lane. This Is The Yellow Line Service To Callaghan City Hall


Red Line[]

Station Changes Services
New Eden Exit here for the mall
New Eden Street Exit here for the Museums
Financial District
Looking Glass Gardens
Ryding Park
Nall Street
Looking Football Fields
Barrier Street
Winston Street
Pirandello Kruger Station


Station Changes Services
Shard Exit here for the Shard Airport