The "Mirror's Edge 2D" is a flash and internet browser-based game made by Brad Borne, the creator of the famous "Fancy Pants Adventure" Flash Game Series. It is loosely based on Mirror's Edge, with objects like ropes and pipes and featuring Faith Connors as the main character. The game's engine is based on the Fancy Pants one, therefore making it two dimensional. This game is also partially sponsored by EA and DICE, the publisher and creator (respectively) of the original game.

Game modesEdit

  • Story (get through all three missions, with some optional objectives below)
  • Time Trial (get through a mission as fast as you can, and beat other people's scores if you can; requires you to pass the missions on Story mode first)
  • Baddie Rush (try to grab as many files before you get killed by the PK Guards)


  • Start from the beginning of the mission and get to the end of it (about three total)
  • Get to checkpoints (optional, but is really good to have when you "die", for you respawn there instead at the start)
  • Collect all Mirror's Edge icon "coins" (optional)
  • Collect secret files guarded by City Protection Force (optional, but they activate another game mode when all are obtained)

Available actionsEdit

  • Sprinting and Jumping
  • Wallrun
  • Ability to wall climb on buildings
  • Swing on pipes
  • Sliding
  • Rolling (automatically done when falling/jumping down on a high elevation)
  • Zipcord
  • Shimmy and climb back up


  • Faith Connors as the main character
  • Mercury as Faith's instructor on the first mission; he is never seen in this game, but gives Faith advice on text panels.
  • Unnamed Pirandello Kruger SWAT forces; they open fire on Faith when she is in a room with a secret file.
  • City Eye helicopter; the ending scene features a helicopter and Faith about to jump and hang onto it, similar to the ending of The Edge.

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