Martin was born in the same year OmniStat was dissolved, the son of two renowned musicians who had miraculously survived both the purges and the civil war. Growing up in a musical home it was no surprise that he showed an early aptitude for the piano and composing, and though the fledgling nation of Cascadia had little to offer in terms of musical education his parents made sure to nurture his talent, while also instilling him with a deep sense of social responsibility. They had both been active in the Kruger Uprising, though they had tried to advocate a more peaceful approach, and those same ideals were transformed unto Martin who took an early stance against the growing corporatism in Cascadia.

He met Erika and while attending the first Cascadian University in Liberta and their love was both certain and instant. And then Faith and Caitlyn were born and his life changed profoundly. He wanted his beloved daughters to grow up in a truly democratic society where people were the masters of their own destinies. His daughters inspired him start performing his music in public, and Martin fast became the figurehead of a growing anti-corporate movement, a position he would keep until his tragic, premature death in the November Riots.

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