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The KT-11 Assault Rifle (Name from Per Haagensen's concept art) is a compact assault rifle or carbine used by KSEC enforcers throughout the game.

The KT-11 is based off the KRISS Vector, a select-fire .45ACP caliber sub machinegun manufactured by the USA company, KRISS USA. They use an unconventional delayed blowback system combined with in-line to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle climb.

The KT-11, however, differs from the Vector in many ways, for instance, there is an ejection port but no charging handle of any kind (both important parts of any firearm), a front-end and receiver vaguely reminiscent of the FN SCAR or Bushmaster ACR, and much larger magazine that could not hold nor feed .45 ACP rounds and the lack of ejected shell casings and suggests that the KT-11 possibly fires caseless ammunition.

Mirror's Edge: CatalystEdit

Kruger Security's enforcers are armed with KT-11s. The KT-11 is the only firearm used by a human against Faith during Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

Enforcers fire the KT-11 in bursts, which can quickly deplete Faith's health. However, if Faith builds up a focus shield, the KT-11's bullets will deal small amounts of damage to her shield. Should Faith get up close the enforcer will attempt to bludgeon her with their KT-11.

In the beta, it is called the KA-5 Assault Rifle.

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