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The Janitor is a mysterious individual who seems to have a far reaching presence in The City.

Presumably under the employment of maintaining the City, the Janitor leaves various childlike graffiti messages near or around Runner bag drop off points that seem to allude to various events, items, individuals or locations.

He has a maintenance office in the Subway near Renolds Street where he keeps a pet albino rat named Scruffy.


  • The Janitor’s brother, Milton, works as an employee at Pirandello Kruger.
  • The Janitor could be a reference to the book Flowers for Algernon, because of the fact that in the book, there is a Janitor who has a low IQ (perhaps an explanation for the misspellings and crude drawings) and an affiliation with rats.
  • He could be a reference to "Ratman" from Portal; as they both leave quirky messages for the player to find and he even has his own pet albino rat (Scruffy).
  • The images, presumably written by The Janitor, could have been produced by him and another unknown character (or more). It is also likely that the unknown character is the only producer of the images and writing (excluding those inside of the office). Some images and writings seem to have been written by different people (distinguishable by the different hand writing and drawing styles).