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"Jacknife" is the second Chapter in Mirror's Edge.


Mercury points out that Faith Connors should go see Jacknife, who may have information on Robert Pope's murder. Drake informs Merc that Jacknife is on some rooftop, though the location is filled with City Protection Force. To prevent getting attention, Faith uses a canal passage, only to be spotted. As snipers and a helicopter attempt to take her down, she gets inside a maintenance room and finds her way to a storm drain, where she is forced to go underground as the Bird continues to fire at her. Obtaining the drain's layout plans, Merc assists the Runner by informing her to find an entryway on the higher levels of the drain. Encountering a sniper squad and a City Protection Force search party, Faith manages to get to another side, and goes up a different storm drain, a location much closer to Jacknife. Taking down a whole squad of Pirandello Kruger Remington M870 wielders, Faith enters a nearby Callaghan Construction building and operates an Elevator to the roof, where she encounters Jacknife.

A long chase ensues, Faith jumping building by building attempting to get to him. In the end, Jacknife jumps onto a wrong spot and falls into unconsciousness. Faith uses another path and meets up with Jacknife. After some "persuasion" by Faith, Jacknife finally talks, saying that he heard a cop did it, and then tells Faith about Travis Burfield, including his past career and why Pope hired him. Somewhat encouraging Faith to go to Ropeburn, he leaves. Merc recommends not to go to Burfield straight away, and she tells him that she was going to see Miller.