When Icarus was seventeen he spotted a runner from his bedroom window. Two days later he snuck out of the apartment, a small rucksack strapped to his back and dead set on becoming a runner himself. Life on the rooftops has never been easy, but Icarus is a fast learner and he soon made a name for himself as a fast, safe, and dependable player.

He is counted among the very best, second only to Faith Connors. Noah took him into the cabal while Faith was in prison, and the two have developed a close bond. Like Faith, Icarus runs mainly for the thrill of it, and every day he revels in this life which is very different than the one originally staked out for him. But unlike Faith, he is not very impulsive, and his skill comes from careful calculation rather than brash risk-taking. He detests being compared to her, and he decided long ago to not let her tarnish his reputation once she was let out of juvie.


  • Don't get lost.
  • I know enough, and I know that I'm faster and safer than you.


  • Icarus appears throughout "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" to help Faith.
  • It was hinted in an interview that Faith may have a romantic interest in Icarus and serve as a love interest as well as being her close friend.
  • Many people believe that he is the counterpart of Jacknife in "Mirror's Edge".
  • Icarus and Faith's relationship begins as one of rivalry, but later in the game they become close friends. It is possible to interpret a suggestion of a romantic relationship.
  • Icarus's name is an easter egg/reference to the original game "Mirror's Edge" and the plotline following Project Icarus. This lead many fans of the original game to speculate that Icarus would end up betraying Faith.


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