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Ropeburn's office building

The cranes


"Heat" is the third chapter in Mirror's Edge.


After Faith Connors learns from Jacknife that Travis Burfield a.k.a Ropeburn is Robert Pope's head of security, Faith decides to go check out his office to find some clues. Sneaking in there and witnessing Ropeburn on his phone planning to meet someone (possibly the killer of Ropeburn in the next chapter) the next day. Ropeburn leaves the room.

After getting out of the vent, Faith trips the room's silent alarm, alerting the police to her presence. Faith merely escapes to the outside avoiding SWAT teams and ending up killing 2 shotgun armed police officers before the crane. Jumping to another roof of a building, she gets down to a lower level, where Mercury tells her that she could get to a Hideout that belonged to Drake because it was in her proximity. However, a pair of Pirandello Kruger helicopters attempt to take down Faith as she jumps building to building. As one drops off Heckler & Koch MP5 wielding SWAT forces, the other simply spray machine gun fire at Faith.

Getting to a half-constructed building, Faith uses the catwalks to get to a pair of cranes; one on the buildings she was on (along with shotgun-wielding Riot Forces) and the other on another building across the street. Faith gets to the top of one and miraculously jumps to the other crane's attached cargo, and onto the opposite building. Merc witnessed the action and accidentally spills coffee on his keyboard.

As the mission ends, Faith gets into the building and asks Merc to arrange a meeting with Miller.