Wall graffiti found in The Shard


Group November was a group dedicated to the secrecy of the Runners. This information was disclosed by GCHD and then further confirmed by EA DICE producer himself. "November" were responsible for organising the November Riots and then maintaining the welfare of the Runners after they were stopped.

Where is November?Edit

"Where is November???" is a wall graffiti found in a vent in the Shard and has been revealed as a sub-plot Easter egg relating to the underground society called November.

It is found close to a Runner bag and is believed by some to be written by a passing Runner who left the bag and wrote "Where is November???" relating to the group devoted to helping the Runners. They must have disappeared and the Runners are needing their help, maybe "Where is November" is a plea for the unknown group to return and protect the Runners once again.

By closing in to the grafitti, an audio of Faith will be triggered, as if you could hear her thoughts on the subject, "I was too young to remember exactly how it started. The authorities said the changes were for the greater good. But good isn't the same as right."

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