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Smoke grenade


Grenades are light, handheld, explosive items useful for different reasons. The grenades used in "Mirror's Edge" are non-lethal, as they are to be used by the Pirandello Kruger security forces. They serve to disable Runners or provide cover for law enforcement.


  • Smoke Grenades: These grenades, when unpinned and thrown, emit a cloud of white smoke. This is useful to Pirandello Kruger SWAT forces to cause their target (such as Faith Connors) to not see anything behind the smoke. However, the smoke lasts only temporarily and would disappear in about five to ten seconds. Players usually ignore the smoke and go through it, though this makes them easier to spot.
  • Flashbang Grenades: Flashbangs are a little more different than the smoke grenade. When unpinned and thrown, they explode and produces a blinding flash and a deafening sound. If one looks at it, or their eyesight encounters a detonated flashbang, they would be blinded momentarily and cannot hear anything around them for a few seconds. Mass confusion is common to players for they cannot see where they are going nor hear their surrounding (note that players can hear sooner than they can recover sight by a few seconds).
  • Fragmentation Grenade: Unused Content