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The Glock 18 seen in Mirror's Edge is not a standard Glock 18. It instead uses a 24 round box magazine, as opposed to the standard 18 round box magazine, and has a ported barrel, a barrel and slide modification designed to force gunblast upwards, reducing overall recoil, however the actual flash is missing for the ported barrel; instead of coming out of both the muzzle and port, it only comes out the model. It is likely that this effect was never finished, since the gun was cut from its main role and only put in the game as an easter egg.

Game Usage[]

The G18 in this game is not fully automatic and fires only in 3 round bursts. This weapon is more useful than the Colt M1911 because of the higher rate of fire and its larger magazine size. It is only found on a lone Pirandello Kruger patrol officer whilst being pursued by pursuit cops on the rooftops, near the end of the Pirandello Kruger chapter.


  • There are no other places where you can find this pistol aside from the sole encounter mentioned above, making it one of the rarest firearms able to be picked up in the game.
  • The concept art and certain in-game animations imply that the Glock 18 was originally going to be Faith's personal firearm. Hence why the following weapon is not used any where else in the game.
  • The weapon can be spawned from the Gun menu mod to use in the other chapters. when equipped, it is a very deadly weapon against the PK, killing them with 1-3 bursts.