"Flight" is the first chapter in Mirror's Edge.


After The Edge, Faith hears her sister, Kate Connors, talking on her radio, reporting to another officer that she was going to Robert Pope's office. After a while, (possibly) the same officer announced that shots were fired at Kate's location. Worried, Faith attempts to get to Pope's office building, with the help of Mercury and another Runner near the place.

Getting into Pope's office, Faith finds Kate and, of course, Pope, shot in the head. Kate explains that suddenly "everything went dark" and when she came to, someone had used her pistol to kill Pope. Merc warns Faith that City Protection Force were nearing their position. Giving a scrap of paper from Pope's diary (and a hug) to Faith, Blues armed with Assault Rifles attack the Runner. As she escapes the building, a helicopter follows Faith, firing at her until she gets into another building.

Getting nearly onto the ground floor, Merc tells Faith she must get fight though a plaza (filled with cops) and gain entrance into the tunnels to get to a outside railway. Doing so, and under heavy fire by Blues and the heli, she jumps onto a glass roof and crashes though, meeting up with a fellow Runner, Clarence E. Kreeg, who was planned by Merc to meet up with Faith. Both escape the scene.


Kate in Pope's Office


-Walkthrough- Mirror's Edge- Chapter 1 - Flight

-Walkthrough- Mirror's Edge- Chapter 1 - Flight


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