Electric Fence with the Button to Turn it Off



A fence is a bordering a field, yard, etc., used to prevent entrance, or to mark a boundary. Though there are many types of fences in the world, Mirror's Edge primarily uses Chain-Link fences for the reasons similar to the ones stated in the previous sentence.

Chain LinkEdit

The most commonly seen fence throughout the game, it is easily jumped over. Jumping over a fence in the game is called "fence vaulting" (and also in real life).

Barbed WiredEdit

  • These fences are the same as the Chain Links; however, they have barbed wire coils attached on top to prevent people, such as Runners, from vaulting over it. They are bypassed by either:
  • Wall Running jump from a slightly higher location than the fence.
  • Running and then climbing onto an small ground object, which enables the player to jump higher than usual.
  • Finding an open gate door along the fence (similar to the one in the end of Jacknife (chapter).

Electric FenceEdit

Looking like the Chain Links, though they have a caution sign warning players of electric shock. Players who touch it would get shocked, and most of the times also get pushed back to prevent vaulting. They can be bypassed like the Barbed Wired Fence and also, in one Chapter can be turned off by a switch, allowing the fences to be vaulted over.

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