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Erika Connors was a specialized electronics technician, the wife of Abraham Connors and mother of Faith Connors and Kate Connors.

During the Libertas movement against the Citizenship Program the Connor’s family fell into financial debt due to Abraham focusing all of his efforts, and family funds, on Libertas.

To make ends meet, Erika began secretly working on projects for Silvine Security Systems, however at the same time she and Austen Reynolds were having an affair, again due to Abraham’s neglect.

During the November Riots, which she and the girls voluntarily attended to support their husband/father, Erika was killed when one of the riots went bad; crushed by the crowd, however there are suspicions on whether or not foul play was involved.

Her death caused a rift in the Connors family and Faith, who had grown up close to her mother, ran away from home, taking her mother’s work bag with her and, coincidentally, an integral part of her surviving work for Silvine Security Systems which would be the cause for the security company to go after the Connors family years later.


  • Erika is of Asian descent, and after marrying Abraham Connors, took his last name.
  • It is unknown why Erika hid the Silvine Security notes in the floor with an apology note.
  • Erika made a robot companion for Faith to play with when she was a child, it was called Eddie.


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