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Drake is a Tracker; giving tasks to Runners such as Celeste Wilson and Clarence E. Kreeg. A tech expert, Drake created the majority of the equipment used by Runners in the field. He provides information and assistance for Kreeg and Celeste, similar to the function that Mercury provides for Faith.


While the circumstances are unknown, Drake and Mercury are long-time friends; usually going to each other for help or assistance or simply to play poker together.



Still in training, Mercury put Faith on a training run to trial the new ear pieces given to Mercury by Drake. Faith comes across Kreeg being pursued by a masked assailant and moves to help him, however as she tackles the assailant. Kreeg’s Messenger Bag is opened and surveillance photos of Abraham Connors, Faith’s father, spill out. Sometime later, after delivering a package to Robert Pope’s office, Faith heads over to Drake’s hideout to see if he could identify the purpose of a microchip she obtained from her mother. He deduces that the chip was for an advanced security camera to be used by Silvine Security Systems. Despite Drake’s request to keep the chip, Faith decided that doing so was dangerous for the Runners and opted to hand it over to Silvine.


  • While not physically appearing in the Mirror’s Edge game, Drake is mentioned to have been responsible for the drop of a Barrett M95 in a building for Faith when she had to rescue her sister. His image also appears amongst a list of Runners and Trackers targeted by Project Icarus.