Located in the very center of Glass, Downtown stands as the proud modernized center of the city. Among the busy and dense streets you’ll find a slew of fashionable boutiques and notable sights like the Elysium Corporation building, home to the world’s leading medical research professionals.

There have been reports of illegal activities in this area; with so called “Runners” roaming the rooftops. Citizens should not be alarmed however; the nuisance is being effectively dealt with by KrugerSec personnel.

It was decided early on that the refurbishing of Downtown should respect the atmosphere of the old city centre. This has led to the district having an above average building density and narrower streets which, for the most part, have been allowed to retain their original layout. The result is a humble nod to the bygone days of yore, which still allows Downtown to stand as the proud modernized centre of Glass.

Here you'll find a slew of fashionable boutiques and it is not uncommon for the privileged denizens of Sky City to come to Downtown looking for that little extra something not available in their own district. And with the constant rise and fall of the latest food trends you might very well find yourself having dinner next to a young couple hailing from the Corporate Houses.

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