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"Keeping the City Safe."
― CPF's motto

The CPF's unreleased promotional website


The City Protection Force, or simply the CPF, is the law enforcement of The City.

Created to ensure that nothing like the November Riots ever happened again, the CPF maintained a constant and active presence in the City. They are the largest of the policing services within the City.


By the time of the events of "Mirror's Edge", the CPF had come under threat by the Pirandello Kruger security force for being the primary policing force in the City and became involved in a smear campaign when one of their officers, Kate Connors, was framed for the murder of mayoral candidate Robert Pope. The incident forced the CPF to work alongside Pirandello Kruger forces in an attempt to catch fugitives such as Faith Connors.

Another attempt to undermine the CPF was the creation of the PK trained Pursuit cops.



  • Despite what the concept art implies, no enemy CPF units are present in the game. They can only be seen in cutscenes, in which only Kate and Miller are from CPF.
  • Pirandello Kruger security uses CPF's land vehicles.
  • Miller confirms that the enemies present in the game as NPCs are Pirandello Kruger's.