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For the Mirror's Edge version see Celeste Wilson.


Celeste is a runner and friend of Faith Connors. She hangs around with a different group of runners than Faith. She has an understanding with Black November, who allow her to pass through their territory. Black November also provide protection for her and her group, and in return they do the occasional run for them.

Not much is known about Celeste’s past, except that she has been living in the tunnels in Rezoning for almost 5 years, along with fellow runners Firebird, Kaspar, Tomas, and her sister, Avani.

Mirror's Edge: Exordium[]

Celeste met Faith when her group of runners ventured in to Faith’s group’s territory. She challenged Faith to a race and won, just barely, acknowledging Faith’s speed. Celeste met Faith a second time while hanging out in Faith’s territory again, challenging Faith to another race, along with another runner, Caleb. Faith managed to beat Celeste this time, but only because Caleb slipped due to his “crap shoes”. This caused Celeste to abandon the race to save Caleb’s life, while Faith ignored him in order to win the race.

Celeste met Faith the third time through a mutual friend. After exchanging insults with Faith, the mutual friend set them off to retrieve an egg from the top of a spire, claiming that the first one to reach the egg would earn the right to be called “best runner in Glass”. Upon reaching the spire, Celeste and Faith realized they would need to work together to get to the very top, and that this was the mutual friend’s intention the entire time. This would mark the start of Faith and Celeste’s friendship.

While being chased by a security drone, Celeste took Faith back to her base under Rezoning in an attempt to escape. Upon arriving, she introduced Faith to her fellow runners and her sister, who has melanoma cancer. Using the limited resources she had, she managed to hold back the metastases of the cancer, but needed a vaccine to reverse it. Black November gave her information on such a vaccine that was being developed by Raposa. She had a deal with them that she would steal the vaccine, they’d synthetize it and she’d be given enough to cure Avani.

While delivering the vaccine to Black November, a hooded figure, who unbeknownst to her was Faith, stole the vaccine during the middle of the exchange.

After chasing Faith, the pair were interrupted by Krugersec guards. Being overridden with guilt, Faith decided to save Celeste and return the vaccine, covering Celeste’s escape while Faith distracted the guards.