Beatrix Bloch is a member of the Bloch Family, a rich family in the City of Glass and a heiress of Cascadia Logistics.

Beatrix ranks among the third circle of heirs in House Bloch. After prolonged negotiations she has been promised in marriage to Peter Bryson, a second circle heir of House Bryson. Their relationship is devoid of love and it is a purely corporate union intended to strengthen the ties between the houses. House Bloch stands to gain the most from the match since they currently have no seats on the Conglomerate board, but as everyone knows, things might be very different next Fiscal Year.

Beatrix feels trapped in a cage of conventions and expectations. She nurtures secret dreams of escaping her betrothal and the city. But in reality she would never dare give up the only life she knows and part of her is all too happy to enjoy the privileges of being a House girl, third circle heir or not. She despises this about herself as much as she despises her lack of bravery.

Mirror's Edge: ExordiumEdit

Beatrix Bloch is a member of the Bloch family, one of the rich families in the City of Glass. She met Faith at a nightclub. While there, she told Faith she was envious of the runners, specifically the freedom she thought they had. Instead, according to her, her life was full of rules, policy, and expectations. She couldn't even choose who she would marry. To her, all the Scrip in the world isn't worth anything without freedom. She said she would trade places with Faith in an instant if she could.

Mirror's Edge CatalystEdit

In Catalyst, you meet Beatrix as part of a side mission. In it, you must assist her by planting bugs close to various locations frequented by her adulterous, and also physically abusive, husband, so that she may be granted an annulment of the marriage. It is unknown whether or not completing this mission leads to the character receiving the annulment she desires, as it is not mentioned outside of this situation.


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