The Anchor



The Anchor district is one of the most affluent areas in Glass, its many tall buildings standing as proud heralds of the powerful corporations based here. Full of the city’s most popular nightclubs, young citizens make frequent visits to “The Anchor” for nightlife and shopping.

One spectacular construction project within Anchor is the gigantic Bauble Mall. When finished, the Bauble will be the most opulent shopping center in Cascadia, a true monument to the success of the Conglomerate way of life.

The Anchor district is one of the main commercial and entertainment area in Glass. Though Sky City residents tend to keep to themselves and not mingle with the regular employs, some, and especially the young, make frequent visits to "The Anchor". They come for shopping, and clubbing at the most popular nightclubs in the City – including the fabled "Sloth" where only the very select elite is allowed entrance.

Employs of all castes can satisfy every material need imaginable at the Anansi Emporium or the Pirandello Bazaar. Here they'll find everything from the rarest of imports to the most common consumer goods. And if you're looking for a new set of wheels the Bryson Showroom showcases the latest in automotive design. It might be that all of these locations will be surpassed by the magnificence of the soon-to-be-opened Bauble Mall, but we suggest that you come and judge for yourself.


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