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Abraham Connors was a key member of the Libertas movement and opposed the Citizenship Program, alongside Austen Reynolds and Robert Pope. He later participated in the November Riots.

Married to Erika Connors and father of Kate Connors and Faith Connors, Abraham gave all of his attention to the Libertas movement, giving up his practice and eventually neglecting his family to the obsession. After Erika's death and the failure of the Libertas movement, Abraham became a broken man, resulting in one of his daughters, Faith, running away to live on her own.

Despite having made many enemies due to the movement, Abraham stayed in the city, raising his remaining daughter, Kate, and helping those he could with his medical knowledge. However, after a series of break-ins at the family home, he had Kate live with an aunt in New City while he stayed to live in Old Town. The shadow of his wife’s death and his overall failure loomed heavily though and when Austen Reynolds finally confronted him years later in an attempt to avenge Erika’s death by killing him during Silvine Security System’s inquiry into tracking down some of Erika’s work, he welcomed it, however Reynolds was gunned down by Silvine Security officers before he could enact his vengeance. After helping and assisting in Faith’s recovery after the Silvine Security incident it is assumed that the pair is still in contact.


  • Abraham was well aware of the affair occurring between his wife and Austen Reynolds, however it is unclear why he didn’t do anything about it.
  • Abraham, among with a handful amount of other characters, was aptly reconstructed in favor of the renewed lore from Catalyst which were meant to be the reboot of the series.