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• 11/24/2018

Game for android

I wish this game was made for Android
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• 10/2/2018

Como lo juego

No lo puedo jugar dice que no lo tengo puesto en el EA y no se como ponerlo ¿que hago?
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• 9/15/2018

Im new

I love mirror edge
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• 8/27/2018


Can you grab anything or just certain things
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• 8/8/2018

Sine in failed

Sine in problem what can I do.
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• 6/24/2018

im confused about this

(correct me if i sm wrong) ok so i havent play play the original mirror edge but i have played catylist (i probaly spelled that wrong) but if kate is in the original mirror edge how come in catylist faith didnt know she was alive
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• 1/30/2018

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